Founded in 2010 and now steered by mother-daughter partnership, Amanda and Annie, ASJ Design is a practice with a collective passion for innovative and authentic design. 

We work with you to make beautiful, yet functional design schemes a reality. For us, it is all about listening. We believe the process of a project carries the same importance as the finished result. Our attentive and collaborative approach is key to delivering tailored interiors that truly reflect our client’s personality and lifestyle. 

We cherish our close relationships with architects, contractors, suppliers, and specialist artisans, who enable the team to deliver award winning results.

Annie and Amanda - ASJ Design

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For enquiries and more information, get in touch at office@asjdesign.co.uk


Without the expert eye from ASJ Design, we wouldn’t have the best solutions possible for each change we made to our house. As a result, I am a big fan of interior architects and will always recommend ASJ Design so that people get the best possible use of their space.

ASJ Design have been fantastic and a real pleasure to work with. Their confident sense of colour, shapes and design has given each room the desired personality. They were excellent in merging our ideas with their experience. A year on, we still marvel at the results.


The team are not only great project managers, keeping everything running smoothly and efficiently, but their creative skills have transformed our home and allowed us to achieve far greater style and increased functionality than we could have possibly managed without their guidance.