Undertaking a Refurbishment Project


Turning a House into Your Home


When you are looking to make significant home improvements to create a home you love, whilst ensuring you are adding value to your property, we understand the tole that can take on your schedule.


It can be overwhelming to juggle your career and family life whilst also ensuring you're making the right choices when it comes to your project, be at the design stage, how your budget is best spent or the reality of delivering the end result. ASJ Design make the process as smooth as possible, minimising the stress on you and your family.

How We Can Help You


Why People Choose Us

With our help you can maximise the potential of your refurbishment project through creative and innovative design. We support our clients with clear process and project management from the start to the very end.


We give our clients the opportunity to see the vision before it exists, using 3D illustrations, so you can be confident in your decisions without having to worry about wasting budget or time.


We are passionate about our work and making things happen, helping to manage a realistic timeline and minimise disruption. With us you can ensure the end result will be better than you ever expected.

How We Work

You can engage us at all stages of the process however you get the maximum benefit the sooner you engage with us.


As truly creative designers we charge for our time and involvement in the project; each project would be costed on its individual merits.

As a highly skilled team, we charge by the time and input of your individual project, but evidence demonstrates that we consistently save our clients more money than they spend on fees.

How We Help 

Discover the range of ASJ Design Services and transform your home today.

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