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Decorex 2021

Back in October, we attended the Decorex interior trade fair, where the interior design community come together to discover new brands. There were lots of amazing suppliers, so we thought we’d pull together a selection of some of our standout exhibitors.

These designers stood out for us because of their focus on being sustainable which is an ever increasing area of importance in the world around us. These brands are catering to a world where people really care about the stories attached to the items that they bring into their homes, and what their choices say about them.

We fell in love with these beautiful quirky ceramics with standout interesting pieces including lamps, decorative plates, and candle sticks.

The pieces are unusual, playful and striking. Perfect to build a scheme around or a way to add a point of interest to a more neutral palette.

Everything is made to order and can be customised, meaning you can really work with the artist to ensure the piece is the perfect addition to any space. Everything is also individually crafted. Be this a sculptural piece or a hand thrown ceramic, making them totally individual and unique. All their pieces are handmade, and hand finished in London.

They have absolutely succeeded in making pieces of art out of candle sticks and lamp bases, each piece is sure to make a lasting impact and add a point of distinction to any room.

Everyone knows how important a good night’s sleep is. These incredible handcrafted British beds were very luxurious and had some highly impactful designs that would be the centrepiece to any bedroom.

Each bed is made to order so you can add a fabric headboard to one of the wooden four posters, giving you another opportunity to add more texture colour and print to your bedroom.

With their core values in design, quality and craftmanship you can see this come through in their products which are made from sustainable solid Ash, each ‘turned post’ is created by hand using highly skilled craftsmen.

We are really excited about this textile design studio. They have such a beautiful selection of artisan fabrics, cushions, and the most incredible rugs. This allows for some statement interior pieces full of colour, texture, and intricate patterns.

We loved the balance of contemporary and heritage design achieved with the finest materials and the skills of master craftsmen making them incredibly versatile and suited to a modern or traditional home. You could layer the colours and patterns for a bold and highly impactful look or take individual prints and add them seamlessly to a more traditional setting.

They source their collection from all over the world, in the spirit of the intrepid British explorers, they traverse the globe in search of the wonderful and unique.

Love Your Home is a close-knit family-run boutique business, run by husband-and-wife team started in Hackney, London, before moving to the Surrey countryside. The company was founded in the belief that it is perfectly possible to make beautiful furniture at perfectly reasonable prices. We love the beautiful selection of in-house fabrics that are sourced directly from third-and-fourth generation European mills in line with the brand's close-knit family ethos.

We were really impressed with the variety of designs available; we feel they have something slightly different to offer rather than the old classics or modern look we are so used to seeing everywhere.

They can adapt any design to one’s bespoke specifications, so if you would like the seat of the chair to be slightly deeper or the back to be higher these amendments can be made, giving the opportunity for everything to have that personal touch. With such a variety of designs, you have contemporary options for a modern Pierre de Terre, or more whimsical tradition pieces with feminine skirting to bring a sense of old romance to any room.


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