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Making a fresh start

What do you do when you buy a new house that is worlds apart from anything you have owned before and you decide to furnish the property from scratch?

We caught up with our clients who did exactly that, who share their story and what they have learned and gained from working with ASJ Design.

“When we initially moved from our cosy thatched cottage with modest proportions to this beautiful vicarage, we had barely any furniture bar mattresses on the floor! The Old Vicarage was completely different to any house we had ever lived in before and none of our previous furniture was suitable, in either size or style.

Although we knew what we liked, we were really struggling to know how to create the look we wanted or how to make it work as a family home. We entertain both for business and pleasure but also have small children and a not so small dog! We wanted our home to be personal yet practical."

“This is where ASJ Design were invaluable and made the whole process stress free. They helped us build on the history and heritage of the property without cramping our style. We have elegant reception rooms that have not been compromised in style due to our need for practicality and a fabulous home office that doubles up as a cinema room at the weekends.

Clever reconfiguration upstairs has given us a dedicated laundry room, that has totally transformed day to day family living, and the boot room is now just that – just for wellies and wet dogs! Through their pragmatic yet personal approach, ASJ Design showed us how to have an interiors scheme with both style and practicality.

ASJ Design’s little black book of tradesmen and suppliers is a real treasure; they understand your circumstances and work around you. The speed and ease at which they coordinate is why we found the process so easy and pleasurable; they really are an invaluable find.”

Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to refurbish your property, ASJ can support and guide you to turn your design schemes into a reality. Get in touch and a member of the team will reach out.

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