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How To Decorate Your Home For All The Family To Enjoy

Christmas time is full of magic and our children’s imaginations are what can keep that magic alive for the rest of the family. There is such an opportunity to enhance that sense of playfulness and wonder in the way we decorate our homes.

When decorating your Christmas tree, it is possible to create a theme that is elegant yet playful and most importantly kid and pet friendly. A great example of this, is this lovely tree that we decorated for a client this festive season. We started by looking at the clients existing collection to pick out a colour theme and find any decorations that held sentimental value that they wanted to reuse. We wanted the tree to have the feeling of a collection that had been built up over time so that the family can easily add to it over the coming years.

We chose a selection of different textures and shapes ensuring that they are all soft and unbreakable just in case they get knocked off the tree.

We mixed playful Christmas characters with classical baubles to maintain a slightly adult perspective while feeding our childish imaginations.

We paired this with lots of warm LED lights, as the decorations are more hand crafted and natural in style, they require more lighting to elevate them and help them stand out.

It is always a fun activity to involve the children in the decorating, and a great way to get everyone in the Christmas spirit.

We did just that with this hand-crafted Christmas wall hanging. Fashioned out of irregular branches and held together with string.

We managed to keep this very budget conscious by using ribbon, which adds pretty texture and shape, and keeping the decorations to a minimal Scandi theme. Add some battery powered lights for that must have Christmas twinkle and you are left with a gorgeous and personal statement piece that can be easily altered and adapted each year.

We felt it was important to maintain a sense of adult elegance within this very family orientated theme. In this little grown up corner, we have kept the sense of storytelling and the make-believe alive with the figurines. However, we have opted for ones that are slightly paired back and more sophisticated.

Accompanied by a classical Christmas decorative flower arrangement, which is an easy way to bring a festival feel to any corner of your home. And if chosen correctly your arrangement will last you until the New Year.

We have selected eucalyptus, blue thistle and pussy willow, but you could add some winterberry for that touch of red, all of which will last for the festivities and all you have to do is change the water.

From young-professional inspired decor to forever homes, explore our portfolio of interior design projects to see some of our favourite transformations of all time. Alternatively, reach out to a member of the team via our contact form, and see how we can help improve your home this season.

Photography: William J Pearce


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