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The Ultimate Guide to Interior Architecture

Interior architecture and interior design are two elements involved in the design process of interior spaces, but they can often be confused with one another. Whilst there are clear similarities between interior designers and interior architects, there are also notable differences.

So, what is interior architecture? Here’s everything you need to know!

What is interior architecture?

Interior architects design and plan interior spaces to make sure they are functional and work for their clients’ lifestyle. Professional interior architects work closely with their clients to understand their vision for the space and will then develop designs to bring that vision to life. The scope of their work may include anything from analysing the floor plan of an interior space, to looking at the windows of a property to ensure there's enough natural light coming through. Therefore, interior architects have to have a great deal of creativity, whilst also providing practical solutions to functional problems.

Common types of interior architecture projects

An interior architect gets involved in various interior environments, such as bedrooms, kitchens, even entire houses.

We often get tasked with ensuring a kitchen is bright and airy. We consider the form of the space, its relationship to other adjoining spaces, services routes, and natural light before space planning. This informs how we design the cabinetry to ensure we are working with the space, whilst maintain a bright and airy feel to the kitchen.

Likewise, if a project involved an office space that needed to be practical for day-to-day working life, we would consider the best position of a client's desk, the optimum tech package and also practicalities such as power, lighting and comfortable furniture solutions.

Therefore, interior architecture not only focuses on the design but also accounts for the functionality of interiors.

The benefits of using an interior architect

1. Interior architecture involves looking at more than just the structural interiors of properties

Interior architects look at more than just how to practically utilise the space of a property for their clients. Not only do we look at the structure of a property, but we also look at the services, such as the plumbing and electrics, as well as looking at the environmental and sustainable approach to the design.

2. They're a licensed architect

Hiring an interior architect for your project means that you can be assured that have had the proper training and development to apply architectural principles to the project. What's more, interior architects know about building codes and safety regulations, so you can ensure your project will meet legal requirements.

3. An interior architect has the perfect blend of creative and technical thinking

An interior architect considers both the creative and technical aspects of a space. So, by hiring one, you can be assured that you get the best of both worlds of thinking to really utilise and maximise your interior space to its fullest potential. An interior architect considers both technical and aesthetic aspects to really bring out the full potential of a space.

What is the difference between interior design and interior architecture?

Whilst interior architecture and interior design often go hand in hand, there are several key differences between them. An interior designer focuses primarily on the aesthetics and interior decoration of spaces, such as the colour palette, furnishings, etc, whereas interior architects prioritise the functionality of the space in addition to the overall aesthetic.

Interior architects will often be involved in looking at the structural elements of space planning, such as adding walls or removing doors in order to create a more efficient layout that meets a client's needs. Additionally, they will consider how light moves through a space when designing windows or skylights.

Enlist expert interior design and architect help from ASJ Design

At ASJ Design we offer interior design and interior architecture services to both private and commercial clients. Our team of interior designers and interior architects have worked on a variety of commercial interior design and residential interior design projects such as barn interior design, modern penthouse designs and more. We are passionate about helping our clients' visions come to life and pride ourselves in completing projects that deliver beyond our clients' expectations.

Hiring a practice that offers both interior design and interior architecture as services will not only increase the cost efficiency of the project but will help the design of the interior spaces to be more unified and seamless.

If you're looking for a practice that utilises expert advice from both interior designers and interior architects, get in touch with ASJ Design today.


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