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Timeless Interior Design | Creating a Loved Space That Lasts Year on Year

Interior design continues to evolve around us year on year, and 2023 is not slowing down when it comes to trends. Trends are everywhere and are constantly popping up every season, social media has enhanced this addiction of a ‘trending moment’, meaning that people are struggling to keep up!

Following these constantly changing trends is not something we do at ASJ Design, we pride ourselves on unique, individual designs that are bespoke and specific for our clients. Foremost, we create spaces that are truly functional yet reflect their personality and lifestyle, ranging from country escapes to city penthouses.

The latest trends are easily accessible and especially at this time of year where they are pushed upon us from all directions. We thought we would help you navigate through this and share how we approach the design process, and how you can create a timeless interior and loved space that stands the test of time, not just following 2023 interior design trends.

How to create a timeless space

Trends can be a good guide if you have time, tolerance, and a deep budget to change things up when they move on. At ASJ Design, we design with longevity in mind and aim to create timeless design that clients love year after year. We feel that the function of a space is much more important than following a trend, so we combine functionality and aesthetic to create our bespoke designs. For us, every project is unique as we design for people rather than curating an Instagram feed; form follows function.

Take a look at our top tips for creating a loved space that lasts beyond just 2023.

Flexibility and functionality

A great example of this can be seen in Mount Pleasant House by Robeson Architects, as this project is “where function, clean forms, efficient planning, and a whole lot of storage are the order of the day.” Robeson designed a multifunctional space, where the children’s rooms also turned into a playroom, through the use of a sliding wall. Smart solutions that create more flexible spaces allow homes to adapt and grow with you and your needs.

Ensuring you have adequate storage, considering how you cook and move around your kitchen or if you want a space for hosting all affect the layout of your kitchen. This being functional will have far greater impact on the success of a design scheme than how pretty the space is. Designing with function at the forefront will only enhance the aesthetics of space as design practicalities make all the difference and allow you to live seamlessly.

A personal connection

At ASJ Design we value our clients’ personality and lifestyle, and we pride ourselves on incorporating their specific wishes and needs into the designs of their homes. We advise our clients to invest in a few ‘key’ pieces that are well made and designed, so that they last and are loved for years, but also create a personal connection to their space. Building Schemes around what our clients already have not only reduces costs but also is a more sustainable approach to designing.

We aim to focus our designs on improving the environmental performance of the building and on adaptive reuse where possible, whilst working with a property and its own characteristics to incorporate and deliver on our client’s brief. We take this approach to create timeless interiors that are also adaptable spaces for our clients rather than starting from scratch and following a trend for a quick fix solution.

Up-holstering and refinishing

If you are someone who would like the ability to change up your space, we recommend having a timeless style through either architectural details and finishes or with key furniture pieces, and to add colour or pattern, with decoration, accent pieces and accessories. Up-holstering, re-covering, and refinishing can all be used to bring new life to your existing pieces at a lower cost and less of a drastic replacement. Likewise wallpaper and paint colours can dramatically change the feel of a room, and if chosen to work with your existing pieces, redecoration can last for years to come.

Maximising natural light

Whilst trends can be fun to learn from, our advice would always be to taking our inspirations from the world around us, and not from what others are doing and trying to reproduce it. A design quality that we consistently work with, and love is maximising natural light and blurring the boundary between inside and outside, to connect spaces with their surrounding setting.

If you’re looking to boost the amount of natural light in your home, there are several small steps you can take to achieve this. Start by considering the windows and doors, stripping back furnishings and home decor that may be hindering natural light, including the placement of your curtains and blinds. Where privacy is necessary, we recommend lighter alternatives such as sheer curtains and shutters. Adding light, neutral colours to your walls is also an excellent way of brightening up your living space, as brighter, cool tones will help to reflect the natural light entering the room, as opposed to absorbing it.

Explore our latest project, The Cow Barn and see how we opened up this converted barn to allow for plenty of natural light, with large gable end windows, that also connect the building to its surroundings.

Create a timeless interior with ASJ Design

At ASJ Design, we work with you to make beautiful, yet functional design schemes a reality, lasting for many years to come. With a collective passion for innovative and authentic design, our attentive and collaborative approach is key to delivering tailored interiors that truly reflect our client’s personality and lifestyle. Get in touch today and find out how we can work with you to transform your home into a timeless and loved space.

Alternatively, dive into our portfolio and take a look at some of our favourite interior design projects to date.


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