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A Very Grown Up Christmas

Let’s be honest, we are never too grown up for Christmas. It is a chance to ignite your inner child and bring a that little extra bit of magic and joy into your home. An opportunity to add some fun and flair to your interiors and be a little more eccentric than you would usually dare.

Table scaping is all the rage at the moment, with a more is more attitude to elegance, it’s a chance to have fun with your most special and delicate pieces. These beautiful blue plates are the perfect example of something too delicious looking to eat off. Have fun with your colour theme, gold is always a clear Christmas favourite, but why not try a royal blue for a point of distinction over red or green.

Dressing your fireplace is a classic, but instead of dressing your mantel why not experiment with dressing your hearth? This gorgeous scene was created with very grown up ‘not to be played with’ nutcrackers from Mrs Alice. Watching this little scene in front of your roaring fire will transport you back to the ballet.

A romantic way to bring some Christmas magic to the front of your house is to place your tree in the window. The warm glow of the fairy lights and glinting baubles is a lovely welcome home on a cold dark winter’s night. These delicate real glass baubles from India Jane and Cox & Cox transport you back in time, and remind us that as well as a time of celebration, Christmas is also a time to sit quietly and take things slow, a pace much more appropriate when surrounded by the finer or more delicate things in life.

As seen here you can be extra flamboyant and unusual with some of your decoration choices, we are absolutely loving this tree topper! An exquisite glass pineapple by Sophie Conran. Once upon a time favoured by affluent colonialists who would throw dinner parties and display a pineapple as the centrepiece, a symbol of their wealth, hospitality, and status, is instantly recognizable by party guests.

Almost as important as the top of your tree, don’t forget the bottom! Add a tree skirt to finish your look and ensure maximum elegance. Perhaps it will even compliment your wrapping paper theme too.

A delicate and imaginary world created over time, lovingly collected. These beautiful ceramic houses with tealights inside send a warm glow out in to your room and invite your imagination to wonder what is going on inside. They are magical as standalone pieces displayed on a mantel or as the centre piece of a table scape, meaning you can start your collection any time and build on it year on year.

For more inspiration and ideas on how to transform your home, check out our interior and architecture design projects. Alternatively, if you're looking for a team to help bring your ideas to life, get in touch, the ASJ Design team are here to help!

Photography: William J Pearce


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