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Why We Love a Wonky Christmas Tree

When choosing your Christmas tree this holiday season, consider one that is too wide and isn’t perfectly symmetrical. Confused? Here’s why!

Why you should choose the wrong-sized tree

We love trimming our Christmas tree down to size to fit perfectly, and the more we have to trim the better, as the excess greenery is absolutely perfect for decorating other parts of your home!

Home lounge with Christmas decorations

It’s not all about the tree after all. Spread the Christmas cheer throughout your home adorning other architectural features such as doorways, windowsills, bannisters, mantels, shelves, and of course the table. This is when the excess tree branches and trimmings come into their own, as they offer a brilliant base and reduce decorating waste!

Home dining table with Christmas tree and decorations

We love a paired-back look of tree branches simply scattered in the centre of the table with a few pine cones and a tealight or two (go for LED options if you want to leave these unattended!) You can always add sparkle and entwine with a length of battery-powered fairy lights, or tie gold ribbon around the branches and add little bells or baubles.

The same principle can be applied whatever and wherever you are decorating. If you continue using the same key elements throughout, this will create a sense of flow and unity, creating more impact without being too busy. Remember strong wire is key to this decorating method, particularly when decorating bannisters and mantelpieces, as it will help you create the shape and framework to interweave your tree branches into.

Home staircase bannisters with Christmas decorations

Of course, the real crowd-pleasers are places with the most impact such as the mantelpiece and bannisters. You don’t have to include that many different elements to make an impression, often keeping it simple and playing with scale creates a stronger and more elegant result.

Using oversized baubles can create a sense of drama and theatre, which can be complemented by varying textural elements such as pinecones. Other items you can use to embellish your tree offcuts are cinnamon sticks, baked orange slices, and of course ribbons. Ribbons are such an easy way to add colour, texture and scale. Plus, you can keep these and reuse them year after year.

Once the festive season is over, don’t forget to recycle your Christmas tree as it can be shredded into chippings and used in parks or woodland areas. Alternatively, if you chose a potted tree, you can replant it and enjoy your tree for years to come!

Consider the help of an Interior Designer

Whilst we are huge advocates of DIY Christmas decorations, we understand that when accompanied by a heavy workload and family life, there’s often little time to spend decorating your home for all the family to enjoy. That’s where ASJ Design come in.

Get inspired and take a look at our design portfolio, containing some of our favourite seasonal transformations of all time. Alternatively, reach out to a member of the team via our contact form, and see how we can help you decorate and improve your home this winter.


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